(2022) Cold Comforts
(2021) The Embassy for Dirty Things
(2018) The Disobedient Handrail
(2017) Soft Crease
(2016) Secret Tectonics
(2018) Chassis
(2017) The Birdbath
(2021) -ism Magazine

The Birdbath (State Winner)
Competition run by SONA,
Australian Institute of Architects
Team: Jaqlin Lyon, Lachlan Welsh, Maria Bulmaga

There has been a desire throughout history to create follies of nature within the built environment; we gift ourselves gardens, fountains and ponds for pleasure. These are often diluted representations of a wilder reality. The birdbath is perhaps the most archetypical Australian example of this as a manicured icon of the suburban garden. In the era of the Post–Anthropocene, humanity completely withdraws into the comfort of an architectural folly. For fear of the sublime, we relegate ourselves to the confines of what we know.

The Birdbath is framed as the architecture of Australia’s Post–Anthropocene; civilisation finds salvation within the solidwalls of this neo-natural monument.

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